We encourage you to consider specialised counselling for men in a different light, as a place where you can off-load and focus on your concerns without interruption and in a way that is practical and helpful to you. Times are changing, and we can all benefit from learning effective thinking skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills and stress management. Our specialised counselling will also help men sort out communication difficulties with their partners, in-laws, children, work colleagues, and friends.

Common Issues in Men’s Counselling

Although men experience a variety of issues, some are more common than others. MenSpace counsellors can help with these issues. We have developed counselling programs which helps men overcome these and other obstacles so they can live more fulfilling lives. These programs will offer support and challenge at the same time.

Insufficient understanding of emotions Difficulties in  expressing emotions Improve communication skills
Increase self-esteem and confidence Controlling and rigid behaviour Anger management issues
Depression Substance misuse Violence
Stop overthinking and calm the mind Addictions such as sex, porn or gambling Sexual issues
Mid-life issues Suppressed depression Feelings of hopelessness and despair
Problems with sleep and worrying at night Resolve feelings of toxic shame and guilt Loneliness and isolation
Improve life-work balance Difficulties with intimacy Relationship difficulties
Separation, divorce and custody issues Personal meaning and identity Become more authentic and live with more in integrity


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