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Men need to look at marriage more seriously

The new millennium brings with it new challenges and one of them is the growing misconception among men that marriage is a burden that can weigh them down. Too many men in the marriageable age are viewing marriage as a big liability, something that can bring down their freedom as well as peace of mind.

They seem to be a bit off the mark, it seems. Marriage has a host of benefits. Having a spouse can lead to more money and a better sex life as well as a significantly better physical and mental health.

The marriage rate around the world continues to decline and the view that marriage entails a “lack of freedom” is becoming more entrenched, and this is a bit alarming. This trend is particularly among the younger men, according to researchers. World seems to be moving away from the family way and time has come when young men, in the marriageable age bracket, need to be educated about the advantages of married life and the security a family environment provides. While young men are of the opinion that marriage could lead to loss of freedom and a general discontent in life, research has shown that marriage actually benefits men.

Marriage benefits Men – A few advantages :

• Better financial returns that include higher earnings, more assets and better job stability.
• Better sex lives and lesser sexual complications.
• Longer and happier lives. Men who get and stay married live almost 10 years longer than their unmarried peers.

Overall marriage is a great institution that needs to be followed as seriously as our earlier generations did and also needs to be passed on to our younger generation so that they also reap it’s benefits.

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