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Home automation is buzzing in Social Chatter, and Men are leading it

Life is moving fast, internet is now accessible at blazing speeds and automation is the new buzzword. Well, then can home automation be left behind ? Chatter about home automation has recently increased by more than eight times year over year on Facebook, mostly driven by the chatter of millennial men. Men are known to be more inclined towards automation and technical aspects of life, and this certainly proves the point.

With science and technology taking leaps in the recent years, home automation discussions have drastically increased. The terms “security” and “security alarm” are among the associated topics with home automation on Facebook. Having said that, this looks like a big opportunity for brands to plan and push for greater sales among the millennial generation. With young men planning homes much earlier in life than the previous generation, home automation has opened up. It’s not just alarms that are a craze but also a few other IoT (Internet of Things) subjects like Fitbit and Echo. Health has become a priority and any home automation that helps in tracking and taking remedial steps are also in demand.

Technology is about making life easier and if you can track your home sitting in Office, then why not? Be that switching on the geyser when you leave Office, or making sure that your kid is in safe hands at home, automation is all about creating a safe and secure abode. Men nowadays are not choosy about spending on such products as the long term benefits far outweigh the cost and creates a more secure environment that helps you to relax without sweating over the security aspects, thereby giving you peace of mind and better health.

Wonder where we got it from? Facebook IQ’s regular data chart updates called Topics to Watch (which is designed to help marketers know what subjects to look out for on the social network) is a fantastic resource to get a bird’s eye view of the topics humankind is inquisitive of, behind the web’s biggest walled garden. The topics are based on trending data, and companies are watching them closely to align their conversations and products, looking at your conversation and thereby your intent.

More than us learning on the web, it is learning more about us, wouldn’t you agree ?

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